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​​​​Sustainable solutions through humble execution!

With a total team concept, we execute and oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

GGT Energy Solutions is an experienced leader providing sustainable building automation, master integration & energy management related services.  GGT is proud to be a SBA registered, double minority company and prides itself on utilizing the skill sets of both active duty, reserve and retired U.S. Military members.  

We offer a full line of energy audit, energy rebate, energy efficiency improvements and facility monitoring services that focus on maximizing the ROI for our clients to allow them to focus on their own day to day business operations.

We specialize in the Niagara Framework with our standard design focus in on open-license, open-protocol environments to maximize your BAS/EMS investment and system capabilities. We also provide simple automation solutions that are custom tailored to each and every client.

GGT is recognized as a Johnson Controls Authorized Systems Integrator.

We identify technology, programming sequences, and processes to optimize your energy consumption methods. 

GGT Energy Solutions uses site surveys, systems consumption analysis and facility operation behaviors to identify energy saving solutions.

Utilizing both existing building BAS/EMS data and additional sub-metering devices, GGT monitors Key Performance Indicators at real-time, daily, monthly & yearly intervals, adjusting strategies as needed to achieve maximum energy savings.